The marketer’s guide to optimized collaboration

Marketing departments sit at the center of numerous teams, meaning that the tool kit they use to communicate and collaborate is complex, often including an average of 33 different tools.

The inefficiencies and frustrations this creates can lead to burnout, attrition and difficulty demonstrating ROI over time. And, in the wake of the pandemic and the midst of the so-called Great Resignation, the need for efficient, streamlined and straightforward collaboration strategies and tools has become paramount.

In this tactical guide, Digiday and Wrike present actionable steps for marketing teams striving to improve how they communicate and collaborate, internally and with other stakeholders, to drive efficient, positive, campaign-boosting outcomes.

Download this guide to learn:

  • How teams are simplifying their tech stacks to a single source of truth
  • The importance of utilizing tools and systems that provide visibility into project status and communication
  • How campaign outcome metrics help teams optimize their workflows
  • The key characteristics to look for in a project management tool

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